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- Posted on 23 Oct 2016, Pastor: Agnes Reynoso


Prayer Book Recommendations

“To help build a house of prayer…” is part of our vision. Prayer is an important part of our christian walk. Many of you have...
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The Purple Book – Online Course

Have you done The Purple Book? From students and scholars to parents, kids, rock stars, and professional athletes, people all over the world are...
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Training For Reigning – Online Course

Every believer’s life is a spiritual journey represented by lessons he or she needs to follow in order to rule and reign with Christ. You...
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Where many unite to one Lord, to build a community of believers, to fulfill God’s purpose of making disciples and reaching the lost.


To help build a house of prayer where God’s family and strangers alike come to receive from God–mercy, forgiveness, restoration, and salvation; and where people are reminded that we serve a God who provides, heals, and helps us with the battles of life.