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- Posted on 07 May 2017, Pastor: Tim Jones

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LOVE: The Way to Victory – Online

Rev. Hagin teaches how to let the love of God do-minate our lives rather than to allow our flesh or our un-redeemed thinking to rule us. You can...
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Understanding How to Fight the Good Fight of Faith – Online

This book will allow you to dig deeper and build a bridge between your emotions and your spirit, while helping you discover your identity in...
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Contagious Christian – Online

Have you every wondered how to lead someone to Christ in your everyday environments? Contagious Christian will teach you to become excited to see...
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Where many unite to one Lord, to build a community of believers, to fulfill God’s purpose of making disciples and reaching the lost.


To help build a house of prayer where God’s family and strangers alike come to receive from God–mercy, forgiveness, restoration, and salvation; and where people are reminded that we serve a God who provides, heals, and helps us with the battles of life.