The Glory Ball

Our Citywide Bible Study servanthood team wanted to end the year with a bang, and they surely did,
with an elegant night of worship at our Glory Ball!

After wrapping up 2013 with a Bible Study series focused on The Glory, Carrie, our Citywide Bible Study leader, felt on her heart to host a Glory Ball on the last Bible study of 2013.
"Let's dress in our best for the King of Kings. Let's set up a red carpet leading towards the altar, and a table set for two as a symbol of our need to be intimate with Him."

BOOM's worship team was on hand, prepared for a night of leading us into the presence of God.
During an ad libbed portion of worship, the worship team began singing  "the devil knows he's got to go." When you're in the presence of God, the enemy has no room to work in your life!
One of the most significant elements of this evening was witnessing the breakthrough occurring before our eyes for so many people who attended. We had the chance to hear powerful testimonies from visitors and members during our worship session. What a wonderful way to tie up the year, releasing ourselves from past hurts and filling up with His glory! The Lord definitely showed up in a mighty way.

It was also so much fun seeing our church family dressed to the nines for their intimate night with the King of Kings! People sure responded well to the call of the suit and tie dress code, and they didn't disappoint.

Along with the breakthrough, people broke out of their shells. Who wouldn't, when wearing your best and surrounded with your spiritual family? The photo booth was a huge hit that night and helped document the joy we all experienced wrapping up the year together.
If you were at the Glory Ball and had your picture taken, you can check them out and download them here. ♦
What were your experiences or stand out moments from this night?

We'd love to hear!

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  • Josue

    I was blessed beyond what words can explain. What an awesome night of worship.

  • PFR

    I got my word on this night in Praise, “UnChained”

  • Love it!!!!!!! 😀