Prayer Book Recommendations

"To help build a house of prayer..." is part of our vision. Prayer is an important part of our christian walk. Many of you have asked our leading lady, Agnes, for some recommendations on books about prayer.

We are extremely excited to release some of the books she recommends. Below you will find a fairly large list. If you can't read them all, the ones marked are the "must reads" of this list. This whole list consists of the cream-of-the-crop books she has read.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, spiritual improvements, enlightenment & revelations you have while reading these suggested books!

Which one do you feel you are going to read first? Have you read any of these books?

The Authority of the Believer – John A. MacMillan
The Walk of the Spirit-The Walk of Power – Dave Roberson
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Wrestling Prayer – Eric & Leslie Ludy
My All For Him – Basilea Schlink
Prayer – The complete edition – E.M. Bounds
Prayer – The complete edition – Andrew Murray
Beyond the Veil – Alice Smith
The Art of Prayer – Kenneth E. Hagin
In Him – Kenneth E. Hagin
Operating in the Courts of Heaven – Robert Henderson
Mighty Prevailing Prayer – Wesley L. Duewel
How to Pray – R.A. Torrey
Prayer: Your Foundation for Success – Kenneth Copeland
Prayer: Key To Revival – Paul Y. Cho
Devotions for the Praying Heart – Lynne Hammond
Seasons of Intercession – Frank Damazio
The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting – Mahesh Chavda
Intercessors – Tommi Femrite, Elizabeth Alves, Karen Kaufman
Tongues: Beyond the Upper Room – Kenneth E. Hagin

The Master Is Calling – Lynne Hammond
His Presence Changes Everything – Rev. Karen L. Mosely
Intercessory Prayer – Dutch Sheets
Intercession: The Power & Passion to Shape History – Jim W. Goll
Intimate Friendship with God – Joy Dawson
Release The Power of Prayer – George Mueller
Spiritual Intimacy with God – Alice Smith
The Hidden Power of Speaking in Tongues – Mahesh Chavda
Incense & Thunder – Dudley Hall
Intercession: Thrilling & Fulfilling – Joy Dawson
Renewed in His Presence – Lynne Hammond
Forever Ruined for The Ordinary – Joy Dawson
Listening Prayer – Mary Ruth Swope
Contact with God – Wilkerson & Olsson
The Power of Prayer – R.A. Torrey
Prayer that moves Mountains – Gordon Lindsay
The Lost Art of Intercession – Jim Goll
Ascending to Glory – Judson Cornwall
Intimacy with Christ – Jeanne Guyon
Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ – Jeanne Guyon
Spiritual Hunger – John G. Lake
Practicing His Presence – Brother Lawrence & Frank Laubach